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Power Usage Assessment

Power Usage Assessment

What draws the most power in your home?

Our qualified technician will identify areas of your home that use excessive energy or that could use improvement. A audit of your property can show:

  • How much energy appliances are drawing
  • Health of your HVAC system
  • Locating air leaks
  • Evaluate your current usage
  • Inefficient lighting fixtures (lighting is 10% of your power bill!)
Our technicians will go over both long term or short term energy efficient measures that you can make. Is this an investment property or is this a long-term family home? By prioritizing upgrades you can make the right choices that will pay back in the right amount of time.
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  • Warranty

    We offer a full year warranty on all labor and materials for services provided.

  • Estimates

    We believe in full transparency. No industry insider secrets here! Our technicians are happy to walk you through repairs and estimates, know what you're paying for.