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PDQ Electric

Residential Lighting & Upgrades

Residential Lighting & Upgrades

Why Residential LED Standards Matter For Your Home
  • 75% less energy & last 4 times longer than incandescent lighting,
  • Wider range of light (bright or cool)
  • Ideal for tight spaces (think-under cabinets)
  • energy saving and durability translates into clear saving on your electric bill.
  • Estimates for electric vehicle chargers 
  • Smart for you, great for the environment!

Let our qualified techs bring you up to date it one clean sweep with our Residential Lighting Upgrade Service!
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  • Warranty

    We offer a full year warranty on all labor and materials for services provided.

  • Estimates

    We believe in full transparency. No industry insider secrets here! Our technicians are happy to walk you through repairs and estimates, know what you're paying for.