Tip for the Day: Watts verse Kelvins

People head to the store to buy new light bulbs and lamps but end up confused. Our old way of think was watts watts watts. But now we are in the age of kelvins. You look on the shelf and you see 3000k, 4000k or even 5000k. What does this mean?
I am going to break it down to some basics:
2700k to 3000k =
This is the same old light bulbs we have been putting in for over a hundred years. It is that soft warm light we have known our whole lives. It is very comfortable to sit under. It is also not always a greatest reading light.
4000k to 4500k =
Do you remember going to the hospital and think man those lights are so bright? These kind of light you see most in hospitals and kitchens because it is very white and clean looking so you don't miss any details.
5000k to 6000k =
This is your full spectrum light. Good for your health, macular degeneration or plants. This is a very intense light with a feint blue tinge to it.
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