PDQ Electric has the experience and skill set to handle complex industrial electrical systems. We understand what it takes to adapt to large-scale industrial facilities. The needs for industrial wiring can vary greatly from project to project. PDQ has the extensive knowledge handle what your facility needs to keep you going with minimal downtime.

  • Power & lighting utility services
    480 V, 3-phase, distribution systems
    208 V, 3-phase, distribution systems
    240 V, 3-phase & single phase distribution systems
    3-phase and single phase power transformers (12 kV – 120 V)
    Control wiring
    DC power wiring
    Lighting control and power wiring
    Hazardous classified location Electrical systems
    Class 1, division I and II
    Class 2, division I and II
    Intrisically safe wiring systems
    Instrumentation devices and wiring

  • Conductivity
    Control panels
    Control integration
    Tank level monitoring and control
    Motor controls and installation
    Low and medium voltage motor controls
    AC variable speed drives
    DC solid state drives
    Motor generator sets
    LED retrofits
    Machine relocation and installation
    Packaging machine service
    Industrial equipment service

  • Cooling and chilled water systems
    Air compressors
    Machine tools
    Electric ovens
    Moulding machines and presses
    Conveying systems
    Electric heat tracing systems
    Process lines
    Industrial freezer
    Refrigeration equipment Connection
    Energy conservation
    motor control centers

  • Safety

    We are committed to workplace safety and accident prevention. We require continuous safety training to protect our employees and customers. Ensuring a safe working environment is mandatory.

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge translates to time on your dime. Our experienced technicians have been properly vetted to the highest standards. This means finding the best solution to get the job done right-the first time.

  • Experience

    Our PDQ technicians have seen it all. Working with projects of all sizes requires a vast array of experience as their number one tool. That means our solutions will be efficient and reliable.

Providing 24-hour service for 24 years!

PDQ Electric is licensed, insured and bonded. Providing extensive electrical services for Las Vegas properties.

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