Surge Protectors Worth the Money?

 a whole home surge protecter worth the investment?

Hands down absolutely. I would almost go as far to say it is a must have with todays electronic usage.

Protect All Your Devices

A Surge protector is protection against high powered surges (Opposite of a voltage drop) coming into your home and damaging sensitive electronics. The majority of homes have a couple under the desk protecting the computers and stuff. But everyone forget that tv's, sound systems, appliances HVAC (Heating and Cooling) your tooth brush all have electronic circuit boards in them.

Protect Your Investments 

Any electronics are susceptible to damage from voltage spikes. Voltage spikes can come from the power grid either from the utility company turn power on or off, lightning strikes or even a car hitting a power pole and blowing the transformer on the pole. Spikes and surges are an every day problem not and with the number of electronic in your home it would be wise to protect your investment.

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